Expand audience & grow your media network

Convenience retailer sees 5x increase in targetable individuals and matched transactions!


One of our largest retail client with double-digit stores in the US, was growing very fast but at the same time was facing a problem endemic to brick-and-mortar retailers. They were executing billions of daily in-store transactions but only having the capabilities to identify a small fraction of the customers behind these purchases.

Investments had been made into developing and launching a loyalty program to better understand customer behavior, enhance engagement, and improve measurement capabilities, but the program identification rate stayed stubbornly low.

A vast majority of the in-store shoppers continued to remain anonymous, which translated into inefficient internal marketing and constrained revenue growth in their retail media network.


Utilizing the retailer’s point-of-sale (POS) transaction data, and its industry leading offline to online identity resolution capabilities, Bridg increased both the number of identified in-store shoppers and transactions attributable to individual consumers by 500%.

The retailer now has access to tens of millions of additional privacy-safe, marketable customer profiles with item level purchase history, demographic, socioeconomic, and special interest attributes, that will help them drive personalized and meaningful campaigns to their shoppers.

If your business is looking for ways to identify anonymous customers and uncover deeper insights around spending behavior, drop us a line at hello@bridg.com.
Case Study: Expand audience & grow your media network


500% increase
in targetable individuals
500% increase
in matched transactions