“The old way of marketing — driving awareness through push advertising — has sputtered and slowed in the wake of media fragmentation and digital disruption.”

Sarah Sikowitz
Principal Analyst

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Reach every customer

Around 80% of customers are invisible! Only a fraction of customers ever sign-up for email, loyalty or online ordering. Bridg expands your ability to reach customers that haven’t opted-in by unlocking POS data to identify those exact guests on the social, news and entertainment channels they love. Typically, Bridg increases a brand’s marketing reach by 5-10X.

Blend data from nearly any POS, email marketing, loyalty program and online ordering system.

Reach them everywhere

Engage customers on Facebook, online display, SMS and more with campaigns that are personal, intelligent, cost-effective and measurable. Drive new traffic, recruit loyalty members, promote online ordering, bring lapsed customers and turn new guests into regulars.

Unlock immediate opportunities

Bridg automatically reveals marketable audiences based on lifecycle activeness, transaction history, demographics and more. Welcome, re-engage and bring back your best customers.

Run campaigns with clear ROI results

The “closed-loop” nature of Bridg means reports show you exactly how much money each and every campaign you’re running has brought in, regardless of channel. Our Client Success team constantly helps you improve performance.

Market to offline customers online

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