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“It enabled us to engage with our customer base on a very direct, one-to-one basis, leveraging our transactional database to be able to tailor very, very specific messages to get people and reach them in high impact media,” Cronin said. “We knew we could get impact if we could tailor that message to somebody very specifically, based on past purchase behavior, product preferences and emotional response.”-

Peter Cronin SVP Brand Strategy | Papa Gino's

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Identify all of your customers &

their individual transaction history

through one customer-centric

CRM database.

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Understand and monitor the lifecycle of each individual consumer.

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Reach your customers through

a broad variety of digital channels.

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"We had existing customer data, but partnered with Bridg to extract, analyze, and leverage the information to make it actionable..."

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 “Bridg knows if we have a weekly user who we don’t see in a couple of weeks, they’re in danger of being a lapsed user.”