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Identify, Understand & Engage Unknown In-Store Customers

Discover the first customer data platform purpose built for brick and mortar retailers and CPG brands


Utilizing Point of Sale (POS) data and our proprietary census of offline identity and behavior, Bridg identifies the individual customer behind a transaction by leveraging the payment instrument used. We then build anonymous, privacy-safe profiles that include SKU-level purchase history and hundreds of customer attributes that power marketing and analytics.

With Bridg, credit and debit cards become loyalty cards. Loyalty tactics can now be used across all customers, enabling retailers and CPG companies to enjoy the same rich insights, targeted marketing capabilities, and closed loop measurement as digital brands.

It Starts With Identifying The In-Store Customer

Don’t spend one more day allowing customers that visit your brick and mortar locations to remain unknown. The path to enhancing customer engagement and increasing lifetime value starts with identifying the anonymous person behind the in-store transaction.

  • Tap into Bridg’s exclusive offline identity resolution capabilities that deliver industry leading accuracy levels and match rates.
  • Match transactions to a single person even when customers use different cards across online and in-store channels.
  • Unify disparate data silos to create a 360 degree view of individual customers.

Big Growth Requires Insights Across All Customers

Hungry to understand your entire customer base – known and unknown? Bridg puts the right data at your fingertips. Previously inaccessible insights now fuel the “art of the possible” and enable unlimited segmentation, investigative, and modeling opportunities of past and future customer behavior.

  • Access SKU-level purchase history and hundreds of demographic, socioeconomic, and special interests attributes linked to individual in-store customers.
  • Leverage pre-defined standard dashboards that display core customer behavior, utilize preferred business intelligence tools, or use SQL for advanced analytics.
  • Uncover timely and relevant insights with continuous, ongoing transaction updates to customer profiles.

Enhanced Customer Engagement And Intimacy

Engaging unknown in-store customers across virtually any channel has never been simpler. Using Bridg, marketers can build and activate audiences of unknown (and known) individuals to deliver measurable, personalized experiences.

  • Create hyper-targeted audiences using hundreds of profile attributes.
  • Target previously anonymous customers across digital and traditional channels.
  • Use Point of Sales data to directly measure campaign impact and optimize media spend.

About Bridg

Bridg is an enterprise SaaS data infrastructure company on a mission to make customer data accessible and actionable for brick and mortar retailers and CPG brands. Our unique ability to identify, understand, and engage unknown in-store consumers is made possible through industry leading identity resolution, proprietary census of identity and behavior, and unique strategic data partnerships.

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