Case Study: Bringing Lapsing Guests Back to Hungry Howie’s

What were they able to accomplish?

Hungry Howie’s improved the reactivation of their lapsed guests and gained insight into the revenue impact of their email campaigns.

In less than 7 weeks, Hungry Howie’s was able to reactivate 7% of the guests in their targeted win-back email campaign.

Those customers that returned spent 24% more than an average ticket, even after discounting the cost of promotions.

Most importantly, Hungry Howie’s has increased the cash value of their win-back campaigns, with ROI increasing over 400% from their previous reactivation program.

Press Release: Papa Murphy’s Leverages Bridg to Re-Engage Customers with Personalized Social Media Marketing Campaign

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Bridg, the first software company to leverage big data to drive precision marketing campaigns for restaurant brands, today announced that it has helped take ‘n’ bake pizza chain Papa Murphy’s achieve renewed customer engagement through its latest digital marketing campaign. Through its collaboration with Bridg, Papa Murphy’s delivered highly personalized marketing communications to specific customers via social media channels, resulting in significant and measurable ROI from the targeted segments within just seven days of launching the campaign.

The campaign leveraged Papa Murphy’s point-of-sale data to derive lifecycle insight as well as Bridg’s proprietary technology to identify individual customers and assign historical purchase behavior to each. Bridg segmented customers based on their buying patterns to identify those who had lapsed from their previous individual buying patterns, understanding that this group would have the most imminent and incremental revenue opportunity.

“While we had existing customer data, we partnered with Bridg to extract, analyze, and leverage the information to make it actionable,” said Tim Vu, VP Digital Experience for Papa Murphy’s. “Connecting data across our customer database, point-of-sale systems, and custom eCommerce platform will help us deliver compelling offers and provide even greater value to families looking for a fresh dinner option.”

Bridg located the lapsed customers online, primarily on social channels such as Facebook and Instagram, and served targeted display advertisements to the individuals containing a coupon and provided one-week window for redemption in-store or online. Once the user returned to Papa Murphy’s, Bridg’s technology traced the transaction back to the unique customer that was targeted with a digital ad, and reported a closed-loop, clear ROI.

Results of the Campaign Include:

  • Return On Investment (ROI): The campaign produced $3.58 in revenue for each $1.00 in advertising/technology spend from the targeted lapsed customers, comprised of immediate revenue within 7 days, incremental revenues in the year, and yearly value of the opted-in emails.
  • Driving Immediate Revenue: Revenue derived within 7 days exceeded the total media spend, driving $1.34 for every dollar spend in media.
  • Click-Thru Completion & Capture: 50% of customers that clicked on the ad joined Papa Murphy’s email database, supplying a usable email address and opted-in to receive email marketing messages in addition to receiving a coupon.
  • Cost Efficient Customer Identification, Capture, & Retention: The campaign produced these contacts at a cost of less than one third of their annual value (based on Papa Murphy’s known economic values assigned to each customer contact with an opted-in email address).

Bridg integrates seamlessly with companies’ current systems, typically through a process that requires limited time commitment from the client’s IT team. To learn more or to begin the process, visit

About Bridg

Bridg is a marketing software company that provides true closed loop marketing and business intelligence to the restaurant industry. Integrated directly into the POS system to build unique customer profiles and understand individualized behavior patterns, Bridg provides its clients with deep data science that it uses to create effective personalized marketing campaigns that drive traffic and sales in a measurable way.

About Papa Murphy’s

Papa Murphy’s Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq:FRSH) is a franchisor and operator of the largest Take ‘n’ Bake pizza brand in the United States, selling fresh, hand-crafted pizzas ready for customers to bake at home. The company was founded in 1981 and currently operates over 1,570 franchised and corporate-owned fresh pizza stores in 38 States, Canada and United Arab Emirates. Papa Murphy’s core purpose is to bring all families together through food people love with a goal to create fun, convenient and fulfilling family dinners. In addition to scratch-made pizzas, the company offers a growing menu of grab ‘n’ go items, including salads, sides and desserts. Order online today at

Webinar: Enhanced CRM for Restaurants by Bridg (Dec 6, 2016)

Thank you to all who were able to attend the Enhanced CRM for Restaurantspresentation last week. For those who were unable to attend, a copy of the presentation can be found here.

Explore the latest problems facing restaurant marketers that are contributing to declining comp growth industry-wide. We discuss Bridg CRM and how it drives sales for the nation’s leading brands including Chipotle, Papa Murphy’s Pizza and Quiznos.

The Casual Dining Slowdown – Fixing What’s Wrong

“…only 34 percent of brands had positive comparable [restaurant] sales in quarter three.”

– FSR Magazine, Nov 2016

Bridg Enhanced CRM for Restaurants drives sales comp growth by revealing

hyper-actionable revenue opportunities using machine learning.

The problems facing restaurant marketers:

  • A fractured data ecosystem – online ordering, loyalty, email, point-of-sale…
  • An unknown customer base – no holistic view or individual profiles…
  • Only 20% of customers are reachable – 80% don’t opt-in to marketing…

We’d love to work with your company and invite you to join a 30-minute webinar on December 6th hosted by our President & COO, Mike Bell, who will give a preview of Bridg Enhanced CRM for Restaurants.

Webinar: Drive Online Ordering Sales Growth in 2017 with the Bridg Digital Marketing Platform (Jan 18, 2017)

Join our live webinar January 18th!

Driving Online Ordering Sales Growth in 2017 with the Bridg Digital Marketing Platform

  • Unleash machine learning to drive online revenue by finding customers with highest propensity to adopt digital ordering.
  • Bridg markets to specific individuals online in the social, news and entertainment channels they love.
  • Know exactly who responded and ultimately transacted due to these campaigns because of its “closed loop” attribution.

In unprecedented fashion, Bridg is bringing more transparency and targeting sophistication to its large-scale restaurateur clients with revenue performance-to-boot.