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Bridg replaces costly blast emails with precision
marketing proven to increase frequency and spend.

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Proudly serving multi-location retailers and restaurants across North America


Smarter Marketing to
Keep Your Customers Coming back

  • Convert new and lapsing guests into regulars
  • Stop wasting money on unnecessary discounts
  • Compress the average frequency of your guests

Bridg Reveal

A full analysis of your customer data

Answer your biggest questions on guest retention, with a no-commitment data report. We’ll reveal your entire customer life cycle: frequency by location, timespan to 2nd visit, average spend for loyal guests – All this insight plus a personalized list of marketing recommendations, only for qualifying chains.

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Power of the Platform


Understand Your Guests

Uncover the patterns and spending habits of your customers. Immediately identify opportunities of growth


Send Better Marketing

Personalize your emails around an objective. Activate new guests, increase frequency and prevent loyal customers from lapsing.


Track Revenue Lift

Track redemption, location performance, and ROI on demand. Adapt your coupons mid-campaigns to control cost.

Go Beyond loyalty Programs.
Talk to your entire customer base.

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“Bridg has helped us to better understand our guests, take immediate action on lapsing guests, and drive loyalty.  The insights have been invaluable as we scale and grow our brand. “

–  Leah Smith, VP of Marketing at Veggie Grill

We help high-growth brands:

“Track the ROI of our marketing campaigns”

“Take immediate action on our lapsing guests”

“Keep our best customers engaged with our brand”

Let us show you how we grow same store sales

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Learn how marketing to the individual customer lifecycle lowers discounting costs and increases engagement.

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Answer your questions on guest retention with a no-commitment data report on how to grow more sales.

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