Win back lapsed guests

Digital marketers typically engage audiences based on demographics, psychographics, geo-graphics and other attributes.

They attempt to find people that “look like” their most active customers—and it’s expensive.

Engaging actual guests vs. lookalikes performs significantly better and is much more cost effective.


Expand loyalty membership

Loyal guests visit 1-4x more often & spend $12-32 more per year—but for most restaurant brands, only 10- 15% people opt-in.

Typical loyalty memberships top out at about 10-15% of a restaurant brand’s total guest population. Although there are exceptions to this range, most brands remain unable to understand, engage or impact the large majority of guests who choose to not opt-in to a loyalty/e-club.

Guests that do opt-in to a loyalty program bring an incremental value to the restaurant brand: their buying frequency can be understood and influenced directly without relying on paid media/advertising to do so.


Drive online & mobile orders

Most restaurant brands are moving aggressively to capitalize on the explosive trend of online ordering. However strategies for targeting guests and recruiting them to an online transaction vary widely – as do campaign results.

Campaigns that perform well can be self-funding. But achieving this requires precise targeting of the right audiences and precise, real-time analytics around campaign performance.


Reduce coupon dependence

Significantly increase ROAS by delivering the right offers at the right times in a guest’s individual lifecycle—as opposed to a regular basis.

Providing discounts is risky business. Ignoring their power in driving traffic and increasing frequency can forfeit valuable upside. But training your regular guests to return only when a coupon is in-hand can produce a dangerous dependency.

The right answer is simple – dispense coupons with precision, not indiscriminately.

Use coupons to win-back guests who have lapsed (then stop sending them coupons) – and keep them out of the hands of those active guests who will frequent with or without a coupon.


Activate new guests

There’s a steep curve for the probability of a new customer visiting for a second time. Bridg can nurture these new guests organically, at their own pace, in their own way.

Each customer has their own regularity depending on their lifestyle, with Bridg, you’ll be able to fit naturally into the live of new customers and increase your probability of becoming a regular part of their life.


Nurture loyal regulars

Very often brands give ‘9 things away and 10th free’ in order to reward loyal, regular guests. Not only does this do your bottom line a disservice, this type of program is reactive i.e. your customer came in nine times so you gave them a free item, instead of proactive, and connecting with guests that have started to break from their regularity.

Being able to get ahead of customers lapsing out of loyalty is no small win for revenue.


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