The underlying technology of all Bridg products is Bridg Bureau which ties transaction data back to real people and makes it possible to reach customers beyond loyalty and email clubs on nearly any channel.

Marketable ID reveal process

  • Data Synced

    Transaction, online ordering, off-premise, loyalty, email & other data is normalized and combined.

  • Bridg 360 Customer Profiles Generated

    Individual customer profiles are enhanced by already-known info inside Bridg Bureau e.g. demographics.

  • Marketable Audiences Determined

    Bridg analyzes each and every 360 profile to determine who is new, regular, lapsing (and other categories) for specific marketing based on their real-world behavior.

  • Campaigns Measured in Near Real-Time

    Bridg syncs transaction data daily meaning campaign performance is revealed almost immediately allowing for quick optimization and potentially higher peak returns.

Creating 360º profiles for each and every customer.

Only Bridg can determine individual customers from just transaction data.

Customer profiles are enhanced by Bridg Bureau which contains organized public info of over 200M U.S. consumers.

Complete 360º profiles used to generate audiences, measure daily activity, deliver intelligent email/text messaging and present brands with customer lifecycle insights unique to Bridg.


Technology that powers intelligent marketing.

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