Unique Lifecycle Customer & Business Trends


Bridg measures your customer and business trends in near real-time directly from transaction data. It’s precise, reliable and highly actionable.

Know your overall customer composition: who is new, who is a regular and who has stopped coming. Insight360 delivers daily-updated frequency bands, second-visit activation success, menu-level performance, loyalty/email participation rates and more.

Understand who is new, regular and visiting for the last time.

Only Insight360 can show you the composition of your entire customer base and who is new, regular and lapsing. This holistic view gives you to the insights on where and how you’re winning.


Know your frequency bands and how much guests are worth.

Insight360 introduces you to your customers like never before. Since Bridg can identify individual customers from just transaction data, for the first time you’ll be able to know how each and every guest is behaving.


How good is your brand at driving the second visit from new guests?

Bridg understands each individual customers, each location and your brand as whole.
Data quickly reveals where and when your having the most success and helps you focus.


Deep, menu-level insights and LTO performance.

Have at your fingertips the data you need to make on-a-dime changes to your menu,
marketing campaigns and special offers. Know how your menu is effecting your customer composition and ability to drive new traffic.


What are your loyalty/email club participation rates? How about online ordering?

Since Bridg sees your entire customer base, it knows which guests haven’t yet joined your loyalty and/or email clubs and can help you identify and reach them. The incremental value of a loyal customer is significant and Insight360 will help you know how to grow membership.


Make your data work for you.

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