Bridg CDP

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Identify, understand and engage unknown customers

Restaurant industry customers


  • 25%

No opt-in

  • 75%

Retail industry customers


  • 30%

No opt-in

  • 70%
The first CDP built for enterprise brick and mortar retailers

Gain rich insights into your entire customer base (known and unknown), segment and created optimized audiences, and drive direct revenue generation through targeted personalized marketing with closed loop measurement.

Segment Builder

Create your own customer segments based on different day-parts, visit frequency, demographics, and even different source channels (such as ordering, loyalty, POS, etc.).

Bridg segments include every profile-able customer, including those from solely POS transactions.

Expert Defined Segments

Try our pre-configured segments, developed by experts and based upon the biggest marketing opportunities.

In three clicks create segments:

  • Lapsed guests
  • Single visit customers in the past year
  • Single visit customers in the past 90 days
  • Non-loyalty customers
  • Mobile laggards
  • Low frequency guests
  • Upcoming birthdays
  • New high spenders
  • Infrequent high spenders
  • Newly lapsed customers

Unified Customer View

Get a single view of each customer that incorporates information from every source of guest data that you own, and some that you don’t.

The powerful Customer Detail screen gives you the power to truly understand different customer types. What do they like? When do they come? What kind of people are they are and where else do they shop?

Profile Enrichment

Bridg enriches customer profiles with purchase behavior in your store, demographics data, contact information and more.

How it’s done: Bridg Bureau

Bridg Bureau™ is a proprietary identity library of 230M+ U.S. consumers that matches offline, retail identities with your own POS transaction data. Since 2012, Bridg has been helping clients improve their marketing outreach by making POS transaction-level detail usable in order to uncover in-depth purchase patterns and behavior.

Lifecycle Intelligence

With a deep understanding of guests’ behavior at your fingertips, you can target the most valuable. RFM and lifetime value of each customer are just a few metrics we use to help direct dollars to where they count most.

Daily Lifecycle Insights

In-depth analysis & reporting on customer behavior across all of your data sources — not just one "data silo" at a time.

Bridg CDP syncs POS transactions nightly updating customer profiles with the most current activity and their New, Active or Lapsed status.

Custom Reporting

Our expert data scientists deliver analytics on locations, regions, frequency, spend, menu item, day-part — nearly anything you can come up with. Contact us, we'd love to talk more.

Developer APIs

Connect Bridg segmentation, lifecycle insights and other attributes directly to your enterprise environment with a simple API library to trigger marketing on nearly any channel — it's a powerful way to harness your data.

POS Transaction-to-Profile Matching

Ever felt like you should be able to get more out of POS data? Now you can.

Feeding POS data into Bridg CDP takes the guesswork out of guest purchase behavior. Connect transaction level detail to individual guest profiles and get a clear understanding of the past and present to make better decisions about the future.

Bridg CDP will help drive your business by
giving you the power to see who is who

  • Build intelligent customer segments based on lifecycle (new, active or lapsed).
  • Understand (and reach) not just opted-in customers, but all of them.
  • Get daily business overview, frequency and visit conversion insights.
  • From data to campaign, Bridg CDP gets you there in just three clicks.

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