Reach more of
your guests
on any channel

Nearly 80% of customers tell you nothing anything about themselves

Social Media
Never-mind the lookalikes.

  • Now you can target actual patrons on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with marketing based on their purchase and visitation habits at your locations.
  • If you’re wondering if that gets better results, try 4x better results.
  • Need help? Our social media experts can help you with everything from segmentation, to creating an audience, to serving and ad on the social media channel of your choice.

Display Ads
Connect with guests where they are.

  • Increase the efficacy of your banners, billboards, and videos by targeting actual guests.
  • If you are looking for guidance on how to improve your audiences or results, our team is happy to help.

User Bridg Segments nearly anywhere.

  • YouTube, Waze, sky-writing (just kidding... a little), anywhere that your guests are, is a channel where we can help you be more effective in targeting guests and driving repeat purchases.
  • We can export audiences with 100s of attribute types.
Super-charge your marketing

Bridg Segments empower your campaigns with intelligent audiences so you can drive your business with precision.

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