Enhanced CRM (eCRM)

Bridg eCRM profiles individual guests from your POS and blends that with your email, loyalty and online ordering data to fully understand your entire customer base.

Consolidate Data Sources

POS data syncs to Bridg automatically to develop a unique identity for each customer. In addition to your POS data, Bridg can also combine data from:

• Loyalty database
• Email database
• Online ordering
• Catering
• Surveys
• Nearly any data

Identify Your Customers

Reveal real-life identities of up to 80% of card-paying customers.

Combine and de-duplicate customer data from separate sources.

Available customer information is enhanced by Bridg from 30+ other signals.

Insights & Analysis

Reveal specific revenue opportunities based on actual customer purchase data.

Gain deep, historical insights immediately on day one.

Monitor trends in insights easily with Bridg’s automatic data sync engine

Consolidate Data Sources
Identify Your Customers
Insights & Analysis

Audience Builder

The Bridg Audience Builder allows you to leverage data from Bridg CRM to create precise, targeted audiences for digital marketing campaigns.

Data-backed Criteria to Choose Your Audiences

• Lifecycle Segment (Active, Lapsing or Lapsed)
• Transaction amount (Check amount, highest spend, etc.)
• Transaction frequency
• Transaction time frame (First transaction date, most recent, etc.)
• Store ID/Location ID
• Available demographics
• Additional sort criteria available*

Thousands of Audience Possibilities Using Data You Already Have

• Increase frequency of semi-regulars
• Influence repeat birthday parties
• Drive e-mail club registrations
• Engage non-responsive e-mail club subscribers
• Win-back lost customers
• Target specific customers by store
• Save lapsing customers
• Acquire new customers
• Drive catering revenue
• Plus thousands of additional possibilities!

More Solutions Here

Export Audiences for Any Channel


Digital Messaging

Bridg Digital Messaging allows you to leverage Bridg Email to directly engage customers. By leveraging Bridg Email you will be able to work within a cohesive, closed-loop, Bridg environment that provides complete ROAS, revenue lift and campaign analysis.

Bridg Email Features

• Unlimited volume
• Easy to migrate from your current tool
• Save templates
• WYSIWYG editor
• Leverage existing creative
• Carry over unsubscribe lists

Key Benefits

• Save money
• Save time
• Manage everything in one platform
• Better leverage the Bridg team to help you email campaigns

Bridg Email Editor
Bridg Email Benefits

Data Sources

Blend data from nearly any POS, email marketing, loyalty program and online ordering system.

Many more data sources can be used, please contact us to learn more.


80% of your guests are invisible.

They never sign up for loyalty or email. Bridg reaches them.