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The right message for the right person has never been easier

Automated Journeys
Trigger email journeys based on customer activity.

Set guests on a personalized path based on transactions, lifecycle status changes, loyalty milestones & many other triggers.

Campaign Revenue & Lift Reporting
Better than your average “open rate.”

Identify precisely how much revenue is tied to each campaign with transaction tracking.

Fraud-Proof Promotions
Coupon codes that really work.

Secure single use codes, easy promotions & coupon management.

Easy Personalization
Emails with a personal touch perform better.

Personalization made easy allows you to call attention in an email with a guest’s name, favorite store, etc.

Creative Asset Library
Easy to manage and keep assets up-to-date.

One place for images, videos and other creative – empower your local store marketers.

Local Store Marketing
Put the power in their hands.

Local store marketing permission controls give the right access to the right people.

Audience Builder
Create powerful audiences that drive business goals.

Uses sophisticated segmentations that draw from your email database.
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