Higher identification rates, match rates & quality

Increased match rates for loyalty and non-loyalty identified transactions drives incremental lift at fast-casual restaurant brand!


Our client, a national fast-casual restaurant brand, was looking to gain a more accurate view of their customers’ loyalty behaviors and purchasing patterns by capturing non-disclosed loyalty transactions. Non-disclosed loyalty transactions remain hidden to brands because customers either do not identify themselves at checkout or use an unrecognizable card. Our client suspected that some loyalty customers were making purchases without using their loyalty ID and wanted to identify closer to 100% of those transactions.


Bridg leveraged more recent identification enhancements to increase match rates for the brand’s previously unidentified transactions. Our industry leading and recently enhanced identity resolution solution delivers significantly higher identification rates, match rates and match quality—even where client data quality and coverage vary.

Based on an eight-month test, Bridg delivered a match rate of 76%, an 18.06% increase from the company’s previous baseline. Since the test period, Bridg has run core matching and enhanced identification in parallel and maintained this higher match rate as the new baseline, identifying more than 30 million incremental loyalty and non-loyalty transactions, thus deepening the brand’s understanding of their loyalty base's purchasing behaviors.

Bridg is constantly refining and expanding our transaction matching capabilities to deliver results to clients as the data landscape continues to change.

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Case Study: Higher identification rates, match rates & quality


58% prior match rate
All time high from Bridg core capabilities
76% enhanced match rate
Using core matching & enhanced identification
18% lift
Over previous baseline