Winning Back Regular Customers

At Veggie Grill, vegetables are the rockstars! They see every season as an opportunity to create bold and delicious ways to bring people together. At Veggie Grill place, they make veggie-filled dishes that are centered on moments. For people who love feel good food that celebrates the veggie, the fruit, the grain, and the nut.

Campaign Overview

Veggie Grill operates 30 stores in California, Oregon and Washington. Bridg set out on a four-month reactivation campaign to win-back customers that had fallen out of their regular visiting pattern.

Campaign Content

The campaign consisted of three messages with increasingly enticing offers starting with a free side and ending with $5 off any order.

Conversion Rate

Campaign Revenue

Reactivation Rate

Campaign Results

The offer drove a 9.1% conversion rate and over $12K in revenue as well as returning 25% of messaged customers to a regular-visiting behavior.

“Bridg allowed us to capture new guest emails and immediately convert them to our mobile app. This campaign demonstrated a low cost per lead.”

— Leah Smith, VP Marketing

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