Turning New Customers into Regular Visitors

The plan was simple: open just the kind of place you and your friends would go to for a beer. Not a bad idea, and with that goal in mind Frank Day introduced the first Rock Bottom nearly 20 years ago. Today, Rock Bottom is still making history, with 37 locations, over 700 original brews, and more than 125 of the industry’s most esteemed medals and awards to the Rock Bottom name. Without question, Rock Bottom has earned its success by always favoring people over pretense and by delivering an authentic experience rather than following fads or trends. Rock Bottom is serious about serving up a delicious variety of food and drink and always determined to craft the next great beer.

Rock Bottom operates nearly 40 stores inĀ Arizona, California, Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Minnesota, North Carolina, Nebraska, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Campaign Overview

Rock Bottom approached Bridg in order to help encourage new customers into a regular visiting pattern.

Campaign Content

The campaign consisted of 7 messages ranging from informative brand creative to strategic offers enticing customers to return.

Campaign Conversion Rate

Control Group Conversion Rate

Transaction Volume

Campaign Results

The campaign drove a conversion rate of 9.61% compared to a rate of 5.1% from a control group taken from the prior year under the brand’s former email provider. The welcome campaign drove 1,924 transactions compared to the control group’s 948 transactions, a nearly 50% increase.

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