Driving Increased Customer Data Capture and Engagement

Kolache Factory used Bridg to drastically increase their email capture rate and the total size of the their email list. Over the past 18 months, Kolache has been able to add and validate over 86,000 new guest emails. This represents a total increase of nearly 600%.



Kolache went from 83 new emails per month without Bridg to 4,730 per month with Bridg.

The Campaign

Before switching to Bridg, Kolache was using one company to grow their database and a another to communicate with those customers. Not only did Bridg consolidate these two functions into a single platform, they radically improved the effectiveness of both efforts.

By implementing a more effective website capture system and following up with well-timed email deliveries (e.g. birthday promotions, weekly follow-up offers). Kolache Factory was able to create a new, highly effective, marketing channel while also improving the overall guest experience.

“Bridg has helped us make progress towards our main marketing goals of growing our existing customer database, increasing email open rates, and increasing data around each customer.”

83% of campaigns have a 50%+ open rate
50% of campaigns have a 70%+ open rate
33% of campaigns have a 60%+ click rate

Open Rate

Before Bridg


After Bridg




Click Rate

Before Bridg


After Bridg




Next Steps

Although Kolache Factory has seen amazing success in growing their database, boosting engagement rates and improving customer data coverage, there is still more to be done.

The next step is to use relevant customer information to begin crafting individual customer journeys. With Bridg’s advanced lifecycle marketing system, Kolache Factory can design multi-stage 1-to-1 campaigns for new, loyal and lapsing guests and then track each email’s impact on sales.

This targeted messaging will help drive even higher engagement rates, and because the entire process is automated, it will give Kolache Factory even more time to focus on strategy.

Key Takeaway

Bridg provides Kolache Factory with a powerful solution for driving same-store sales growth. In addition, the software provides unprecedented insight into customer behavior, and can help predict business health. Operationally, it fits the marketing department like a glove and allows them to deliver targeted offers with a subset of customers without any new staff or training.

Let’s talk about growing same store sales for your brand.