Targeted Segments Sweeten Same Store Sales

Golden Spoon is a pioneer in the frozen yogurt industry, founded in 1981, and still running strong with nearly 70 locations today. The brand has refined its identity as the “ice cream lover’s frozen yogurt”, building unique recipes around iconic flavors.

Campaign Overview

Increasing customer engagement was at the top of the list for the Golden Spoon marketing team. Though they had built a solid email list, the engagement rates were not as strong as they would have liked. Partnering with Bridg, Golden Spoon launched a multi-step program to re-connect with their loyal customer base. The first initiative that they undertook was to break their customers down into specific segments, based off of whether they are health conscious or not. These segments were then targeted with highly relevant email messages.

Campaign Content

Two separate campaigns were created for this initiative. While they both provided a “Free Toppings” offer each message was customized to fit the preferences of a specific segment – in this case health conscious customers and non-health conscious customers. The first message highlighted healthier options like fruit,, while the second focused on rich indulgent toppings like chocolate and marshmallows. As a result, each guest received a customized message that appealed to their specific tastes.

Campaign Results

Overall, the campaign was a huge success. By segmenting customers and delivering highly personalized messages, Golden Spoon was able to achieve a major boost in guest engagement.

Engagement Rate Increase with Bridg

Baseline Open Rates


Baseline Click Rates


Open Rates with Bridg

Campaign #1


Click Rates with Bridg

Campaign #1


Campaign #2


Campaign #2


Next Steps

Golden Spoon is now sending targeted messages to their customers based off of preferences, so what’s next?

The next step is implementing an automated workflow for all newly captured customers. With a full marketing automation system in place, Golden Spoon’s marketing team is able to run a multi-stage journey linked to a chain of activities plotted over time.

After criteria for the customer journey is set, customers now filter into new segments automatically. While this is happening Bridg’s data insights algorithm will continue to evaluate each customer group and offer insights on the next action to take.

With these steps complete, Golden Spoon can now run fully responsive campaigns automatically, allowing them to focus their time on marketing strategy.


Want to know the results of Golden Spoon’s Healthy Choices survey?

The graphic on the right is pulled directly from the Bridg App, showing real-time segment distribution.

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