Article originally appeared on on January 31, 2017 by Jim Tierney

Officials at Papa Murphy’s, the take ‘n’ bake pizza chain with more than 1,500 locations, always want to re-engage customers with compelling values whenever possible. After partnering with precision marketing company Bridg, Papa Murphy’s identified and segmented actual customers and connected with them via tailored ads on their digital channels, significantly increasing return visits and driving measurable results.

That re-engagement has gone a long way in fostering brand loyalty at Papa Murphy’s.

Through its collaboration with Bridg, Papa Murphy’s delivered highly personalized marketing communications to specific customers via social media channels, resulting in significant and measurable ROI from the targeted segments within just seven days of launching the campaign.

The campaign leveraged Papa Murphy’s point-of-sale data to derive lifecycle insight as well as Bridg’s proprietary technology to identify individual customers and assign historical purchase behavior to each. Bridg segmented customers based on their buying patterns to identify those who had lapsed from their previous individual buying patterns, understanding that this group would have the most imminent and incremental revenue opportunity.

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