Big Data at the Table

December 12, 2017

3 Ways to Impact Business During the Holiday Season

Chilly air, sparkling lights and tree lots: signs the holiday season is fast approaching. As winter rolls around, boosting restaurant sales and retaining customers is no […]
September 12, 2017

Restaurant Mobile Apps with Nikisha Reyes-Grange

“If your marketing plans don’t include mobile, your plans are not finished.” – Wendy Clark (CEO, DDB Worldwide) Nikisha Reyes-Grange, principal of akaNRG, discusses restaurant mobile […]
August 9, 2017

Delivery by Third Parties & Big Data Can Grow Restaurant Sales 10-15%

“This is the most exciting time in this industry, maybe the biggest since the invention of delivery food.” — Matt Maloney (CEO, GrubHub) Fred LeFranc, founder […]
August 1, 2017

Restaurant Marketing Trends, Digital Strategies & Data Blending

“If you are going to open up a dialogue with customers, you better show up to the conversation.” — Lane Cardwell (restaurant executive for P.F. Chang’s, […]
May 9, 2017

Analytics & Data Expert Jayson Tipp Presents “4 Fatal Mistakes”

“It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than doubling your traffic.” — Bryan Eisenberg We sat down with Jayson Tipp, data […]