Bridg Enhanced CRM for Restaurants Combines Point-of-Sale, Email, Loyalty and Online Ordering Data Silos into Single Unified View, Reveals Comp Growth Opportunities

LOS ANGELES – November 22, 2016 – Bridg, the first software company to leverage big data to drive precision marketing campaigns for restaurant brands, today launched a new customer relationship management (CRM) solution, purpose-built for restaurant brands. With Bridg Enhanced CRM, restaurants can, for the first time, reveal comp growth opportunities by combining disparate customer data “silos,” including point-of-sale (POS), email, loyalty, online ordering and more, into a single unified view of their individual customers.

New Bridg Enhanced CRM includes three key components:

Aggregation of detached data. Bridg blends transaction history from the restaurant’s entire commerce ecosystem including POS, loyalty programs, digital ordering and email, into useful consolidated customer profiles.
Enhanced by data science. Comp growth opportunities and lifecycle audience segments are revealed from unique, individual buying patterns.
Dozens of easy integrations. Secure and compliant data-syncing with the restaurant industry’s most popular POS systems, email marketing services, loyalty programs and online ordering platforms.“Restaurant brands today have found themselves with a growing number of separate customer databases. They are typically disconnected and each containing a small, varying portion of information. Until now, a unified and complete view of the restaurant guest has been missing,” said Amit Jain, founder and chief executive officer of Bridg. “Bridg’s new CRM solution drives comp growth by identifying individual buying patterns of audience segments—the results are immediate, measurable and cost-effective.”To learn more, please register for Bridg’s upcoming CRM webcast on December 6 at 2pm ET:

About Bridg

Bridg is a marketing software company that provides true closed loop marketing and business intelligence to the restaurant industry. Integrated directly into the POS system to build unique customer profiles and understand individualized behavior patterns, Bridg provides its clients with deep data science that it uses to create effective personalized marketing campaigns that drive traffic and sales in a measurable way.