Article originally posted on on February 3, 2017

While online commerce has allowed eRetailers to source consumer data and to deliver targeted, personalized advertisements, physical retail has often lacked these capabilities.

Los Angeles-based tech company Bridg is closing the loop for brick-and-mortar restaurants, and soon for retailers, by providing them with key consumer insights.

“ECommerce marketers know everything about their customers,” said Mike Bell, COO of Bridg. “They can serve targeted ads and act their effectiveness — it becomes this closed-loop, RoI machine.”

Founded in 2012, Bridg began by providing its platform to leading national and regional restaurant chains in the U.S., Bell said. Leveraging the power of machine learning, Bridg’s Digital Marketing Platform gives physical stores access to actionable consumer data, the ability to build targeted marketing campaigns and to learn from the results.

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