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How the pandemic has shifted consumer behavior—and what retailers can do about it

Loren Wilson

Online businesses have always had the upper hand when it comes to leveraging and activating rich customer data for targeted digital marketing that drives growth. And with the ongoing pandemic, they’re also enjoying a healthy surge in consumer spending.

5 Minutes Read

Four strategic ways to drive revenue with enhanced first-party data

Melissa Roland

Changes are afoot in the marketing and advertising world as a key lifeforce fades into extinction: the third-party cookie.

5 Minutes Read

Three tips for maximizing the value of loyalty programs

Jennifer Ortner

Everyone’s after loyalty, particularly in the race for more first-party data.

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Stores that stun: How the in-store experience is evolving, and what you need to compete

Steve Dietch

As COVID-related restrictions lift, retailers of all types are revisiting their in-store strategy to remain competitive in a tight market.

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