Identify ALL of your customers & their individual transaction history through ONE CRM. 

Bridg provides key CRM capabilities that are purpose built for restaurant and retail. We are able to gather customer identities from POS transactions and enhance each profile with information from our People Database.

The result is ONE holistic customer view rather than having information on disparate data silos. 



Understand and monitor the lifecycle of each individual consumer.

With Bridg software, you can create and segment audience based on a broad variety of variables such as location, frequency, average spend, and more.

This segmentation is automated based on real-time buying behavior. Our lifecycle marketing engine provides in-depth customer insight and analysis like never before.



Reach your customers through a broad variety of digital channels.

Omni-Channel messaging capabilities make your CRM and lifecycle data extremely actionable.

Create marketing campaigns based on specific revealed revenue opportunities.

Send the right message at the right time on the right channel.



See granular ROI on the results of each and every campaign, updated daily.

Once you know your customers, and can see every opportunity to drive revenue growth, you will improve frequency and retention with targeted campaigns and see the results of those campaigns daily.

Bridg gives you the tools to compare campaign spend to changes to customer behavior to get an estimated annual revenue report.


Lifecycle Marketing Engine

Message Platform

  • POS Un-Anonymizer
  • Customer Data Unifier
  • Profile Enrichment
  • Holistic Customer View 
  • Infinite Drill-Down
  • Customer Behavior Analysis
  • Automatic Audience Segmenting
  • Custom Audience Composer
  • Revenue Opportunity Surfacer
  • Predictive Insights
  • Cross-Channel Journeys
  • Campaign Results Reporting
  • Optimization Testing
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Display
  • Mobile Ads
  • In-App Push
  • SMS Text
  • Creative Importer